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Healthy Snack Bible


This handy pocket size guide is a quick reference to those ‘everyday’ and ‘occasional’ snack foods in 100 calorie (420kj) and 200 calorie (840kj) portions. For those who have the first edition of Portion Perfection this guide features pictures of new and existing products that meet the criteria for Portion Perfection.

Label Reading Magnifier


These are the size of a business card and fit into your wallet or purse perfectly.

A great handy tool to assist with reading food labels whilst in the supermarket.

Porcelain Bowls


The Portion Perfection bowl shows cup measures on the inside so you can pour foods such as cereals straight into the bowl without weighing or measuring first. The bowl works best with the Portion Perfection books which identify the correct portion size of cereals, soups and desserts for your calorie needs.

The 1 cup measurement on the Portion Perfection bowl is based on the volume of 250g of water. A standard 1 cup measurement differs from country to country, the Portion Perfection Bowl uses this scientific measurement to ensure accuracy.

Porcelain Plates


Why this plate? Because it is much more than a smaller plate with lines as most portion plates will turn out to be.

The Portion Perfection Plate holds a measured portion. There’s an instruction booklet with the plate that describes how much of the plate to fill and how deep to fill it. There are two different serving sizes indicated on the plate because men and women have different needs. Women fill just the base of the plate and men fill out to the edge.

The Portion Perfection plates also open you up to additional support. The creator of Portion Perfection is an award winning dietitian with 25 years experience. To further develop your options there’s a portion bowl, a pictorial guide book because not everything you eat goes on a plate – think cereal and snacks, and there’s a recipe book with realistic pictures of realistic portions for your needs.

There’s additional support available from the team at Portion Perfection via so you’re never alone.

The Portion Perfection Plate is a practical tool for men, women and children. The plate shows markings to guide the type of food to make up a main meal and the words around the plate relate to conscious eating which is a strategy for feeling satisfied on the smaller portion.

Portion Perfection Book


Portion Perfection is an innovative pictorial guide book showing you how much food is right to eat for any meal or snack.

The book contains guides for men, women and children with clear portion sizes for 1300 Cals, 1600 Cals, 1800 Cals and 2200 Cal intakes which are also easy to modify up or down.

The book is divided into the different meal sections and if your food isn’t pictured there will be something similar enough to compare it to.

To get started:

1. Identify which calorie intake is right for you.
2. Choose the appropriate mealtime eg. Breakfast
3. Select a menu option eg. Cereal
4. Note the appropriate portion serve for your recommended calorie intake checking the pictures and prepare your meal accordingly.

Amanda Clark is an award winning dietitian and creator of Portion Perfection.

There is also an (orange) version of Portion Perfection for those who have had bariatric surgery. The purple version also forms part of a kit which includes an actual portion plate and bowl that is used in the pictures, a pocket sized snack guide to take to the supermarket and a 4 week menu plan with measured recipes so you can’t go wrong.

This kit is recommended by dietitians, doctors, diabetes educators and practice nurses internationally.